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Passionate about travel and photography, I suggest you accompany me on my journeys. The trip is an opportunity to meet other cultures and other worlds. In a changing world where barriers and walls are everywhere, it is even more important to understand the customs of our neighbors. With Voyages Photos Infos, you will visit the main continents :

Europe first. Land of History that has seen the greatest monarchies, the revolutions, the Declaration of Human Rights. You will visit the beautiful French cities with their beautiful villages that have kept their heritage. Italy has many treasures. Whether it be Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena, Palermo, Catania, Verona or Pisa, all these municipalities have in common a heritage unique in the world. Germany, marked like the rest of Europe by the last two world wars. The Germans are very welcoming; the cities are superb like Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin or Dresden. Sweden with its capital Stockholm, just magical. In winter, in the dark, Stockholm is splendid. The Czech Republic with Prague that has recovered from the Soviet yoke. Today, the city is colorful and alive.

Asia is probably the most facet continent I have visited. You will be disoriented in Japan and subjugated by its thousand-year-old culture. India will give you the impression of being on another planet. A very good way to get away from it and lose its bearings. Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam will be an opportunity to meet warm and welcoming people in the tumultuous recent history.

The American continent is an opportunity to visit huge cities, and crazy. If the historical heritage is limited, especially in New York or Los Angeles, cities compete in beauty and contemporary architecture. In Canada, however, you feel a bit of France.

Travel photos
Travel photos. Photo of Emmanuel Buchot

Finally, you will visit North Africa with Tunisia and Morocco. You will visit the medinas and mosques (especially in Tunisia). You will drink a mint tea with a sweet taste and you will discover sometimes lunar landscapes as in Morocco. To accompany you on your trip, you will find information to better understand these countries: their geography and their history. Concrete information is also available as information on the best times to leave. Have a good trip with Travel Photos Info.  © Emmanuel Buchot

Ready for the trip? The continents to discover

Europe photos

Travel in Europe

Discover Europe with Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Austria to name only the best known.

America pictures

Travel to America

The United States and Canada open their doors. You will visit New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, among others.

Asia pictures

Travel to Asia

India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan. You will see cherry blossoms and beautiful Khmer temples.

Trip to Africa

Marrakech, Essaouira, Tunis, Taroudant. Beautiful medinas and colorful countries.